April 26, 2020

4 minute read

Entertainment in times of Covid-19

I’ve compiled a pretty huge collection of things to watch, read, and “attend” during coronavirus lockdowns. Bookmark this!

Just wanted to throw together some things that help me and may help you enjoy the physical distancing a little more.

TV and Movies


My all-time favorite show. It resonates, even more, these days.

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World War Z

A really cool movie about Codid-19 zombie outbreak.

Rent or buy


A little naive and fairly old movie about an outbreak of a virus in a particular city.

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If you ever wondered if anyone ever predicted Covid-19 outbreak, wonder no more. This movie is strikingly accurate when it comes to what we are experiencing today. Pretty fascinating!



If you're a gamer, definitely try

. It's a fantastic game, but I couldn't play it — it got too complex for my non-gamer taste. But you will enjoy it, I promise!

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Fantastic, dynamic, beautiful, and quick. Challenging enough to keep you entertained, but casual enough to be played, well, casually.

Podcasts and such

Going for a walk? Quick workout? Cooking something? Put on a podcast and get twice the fun!

Conferences & Meetups

It's interesting how conferences adapt to this new reality. And I must say, most are doing a fantastic job transitioning to 100% online. Some still charge quite a lot, some are very flexible (pay-per-track, pay for VOD, or only pay for workshops, for example), and some gone completely free. Well, my conference budget just got waaaay more flexible as well. I think, I'm going to attend them all BECAUSE I CAN 😂

Tutorials (and other learning)

There are hundreds upon hundreds of fantastic tutorials and resources to keep you sharp and leave isolation with a bunch of new skills and projects!


Books are awesome. Fight me! Here's a list of books I am reading, will be reading soon, or have read in the past and highly recommend.

Bonus: Home improvement projects

Nah, I'm not the kind of person who's into DIY. But I've got a pretty serious urge to make our back room into a proper office and lounge space.