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Hi! I’m Art, Software Engineer from Arlington, WA. I work as a Customer Onboarding Engineer @ Auth0. AMA!

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Loowit Trail

It was a terrible mistake and I shouldn't have done this trail. Sheer luck and generosity of other hikers are the only two reasons I'm not a hero of an article about local Search and Rescue trying to airlift an unconscious hiker from Mt. St. Helens.

Developer Support Observations

It's been just over 6 months since I joined Auth0 as their newest Developer Support Engineer. A bunch of my highbrow friends was very condescending. "Oh, tech support. Good for you. With time, you'll become a real engineer". I shrugged these comments off back then, but now I think it was cute of them to say things like this. As in "Aww, honey. You have no idea what you're talking about" :)

You don't have to follow a passion

I was driving to work this morning, looking forward to a weekly Q&A with Nico (deep dive into HAR files this week), when I realized that it’s my day off. Whenever we work on weekends, we can then take a day off during the week. Well, today was the day, and I forgot about it.

30 Best Tech and Dev Podcasts

Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts. Some of them are in their second decade of running, some are pretty new, but all of them are a tremendous source of knowledge, news, and human experience as it relates to hitech industry in general, and software development in particular.

Projects Autocomplete Tags plugin

This plugin creates a custom tags input field for Sanity Studio. This custom input field allows users to type tags, select existing ones from the dropdown or create new ones. This is handy if you want to offer authors an experience of 'type, hit Enter, repeat' for adding tags.

Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish and Allied Tribes

Amateur painter, anthropologist, photographer, botanist, geologist, and musician, in 1926, Nels Bruseth published a small book, Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillagaumish and Allied Tribes.

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