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Hi! I’m Art, Software Engineer from Arlington, WA. I work as a Customer Onboarding Engineer @ Auth0 (part of Okta). AMA!

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Building This Website: Meditation Through Code

It's funny how I spend a lot of my free time on tweaking this website, improving this or that, adding a random feature, or falling down a rabbit hole of some technology I may eventually want to use here.

December 19, 20214 min read
CascadiaJS 2021

I wanted to attend CascadiaJS for a few years and it finally happened. I've got a few takeaways I want to share with you here.

November 4, 20217 min read

I've been writing stuff that nobody reads for a long time. Now I not only do it here but also in a private paper-based journal. And it's been a gamechanger in the past few months.

October 14, 20214 min read
Moonlander Keyboard

I've updated my keyboarded recently. It's been a frustraring, fullfilling, and invigorating experience so far.

September 17, 20214 min read
Using AI vision to generate alt text for images

Let's make sure that you never miss an alt text in your image tags using Azure Computer Vision.

June 21, 20215 min read


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