Software engineer, hiker, and avid reader.

I' m Art, and we need to talk. Or maybe we don't. In any case, I write about web development, hiking, and random hobbies I pick up every now and then.

September 17, 2023   3 min read
If you trying to build a Node 20 image with Docker on Apple Silicon, you may get stuck on the npm install step. There's an easy fix for it.
July 25, 2023   2 min read
I’ve been toying with this side project for a couple of months, and I’m pretty happy about how it’s been going so far.
July 6, 2023   2 min read
It's been quite a while since my last update, and I just want to post something to say that I'm alive :)
December 31, 2022   9 min read
My expectations for 2022 were really low, but holly hell, it managed to not live up even to these abysmally low expectations.
December 19, 2022   3 min read
I'm often angry at Amazon, but this time it's for a reason not directly related to their terrible business practices.
November 25, 2022   3 min read
I've deactivated my twitter account recently in favor of Mastodon. Here's why.
November 4, 2022   2 min read
This year I've run an experiment: I replaced the lawn in our backyard with a meadow. And it went pretty well!
October 30, 2022   1 min read
Just wanted to say hi to those who found me here while rediscovering the internet outside of social media.
August 13, 2022   5 min read
For the first time in a while, a trip felt truly like a proper vacation. The one that doesn't require another vacation to recover from it :))
July 20, 2022   2 min read
I've managed to squeeze quite a few vacation days into this weird summer, and just over a week ago my wife and I went camping at the foothills of the Olympic mountains in Western Washington.

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