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Hi! I’m Art, Software Engineer from Arlington, WA. I work as a Customer Onboarding Engineer @ Auth0. AMA!

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Moonlander Keyboard

I've updated my keyboarded recently. It's been a frustraring, fullfilling, and invigorating experience so far.

Using AI vision to generate alt text for images

Let's make sure that you never miss an alt text in your image tags using Azure Computer Vision.

2020, you won't be missed

This by far the worst year in generations is coming to a close. It won't be missed, yet it will remain in our memory, history books, and our shared trauma will take decades to heal. Here's to 2021, hopefully, a better year.

Dynamic comments for a static website

For the past couple of months, I've been working on a comment feature for this blog. Now that it's almost finished, I invite you to check it out along with some implementation details.

Projects Autocomplete Tags plugin

This plugin creates a custom tags input field for Sanity Studio. This custom input field allows users to type tags, select existing ones from the dropdown or create new ones. This is handy if you want to offer authors an experience of 'type, hit Enter, repeat' for adding tags.

Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish and Allied Tribes

Amateur painter, anthropologist, photographer, botanist, geologist, and musician, in 1926, Nels Bruseth published a small book, Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillagaumish and Allied Tribes.

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