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This site is hand-crafted from scratch using `Next.js` with Typescript, `Tailwind` CSS, `Vercel` Serverless Functions, `Supabase`, `Auth0`, and more. Check it out on

Hey, my name is Art.

I'm a web developer based in Western Washington. I live about 50 miles north of Seattle in a small town called Arlington.

For a while, I lived in London (not that one, but the one in Ontario, Canada) before moving to Vancouver (not that one, but the one in Washington; not that Washington, but Washington state). Now I live in Arlington (and not the one in Virginia, mind you!)

After short gigs at Intel, AT&T, and Microsoft, I ended up at

(acquired by
in May 2021). Here I work as a Customer Onboarding Engineer, building out Auth0's enterprise customer onboarding program and tooling.

Feel free to connect with me on

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For the longest time, I'd been a podcaster. In my previous life, I even was a minor radio celebrity, worked as a television producer and correspondent, and have done a bunch of front-line reporting from terrorist attacks, riots, and hostage situations. Yet here we are.

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