March 13, 2020

3 minute read

How To Give a Shit

True values become evident in times of crisis.

Originally, I wanted to post about my daily routine. How I come to work early to have breakfast, how I enjoy working in the office in general and with this team in particular, but it all changed now (the routine, I mean). We are fully remote at the moment, and generally speaking, it was a relatively easy transition for most of us. Auth0 is remote-friendly by design and from the very beginning, and it definitely helps.

: How we make sure COVID-19 does not disrupt customers' business

Through all of these changes, it's such a delight to witness teammates, distant colleagues, and company leadership in action. We are provided with an abundance of information, at all times we have every resource imaginable to keep things running smoothly, no question goes unanswered, and the feeling that the team has your back is palpable.

This spirit of being in the same boat no matter where we are and what's going on is one of the key aspects of company resilience. No matter what, someone got you covered. As a direct result, at all times, someone got customers covered as well. And processes. And everything else.

Eugenio, our CEO, posts regular updates of where we stand as a group, but here's what's way more important in times of crisis.

I probably shouldn't share screenshots from our corporate Slack and I may remove it later, if asked to do so. But, hell, this is what leadership looks like. This is what giving a shit, one of Auth0's

essentially means.

And it's not just a statement. It's the genuine fabric of the company. This is who we are. This is how we do things. This is what we value. We've got your back. We give a shit.

I just realized that I’ve never explained what we do at

, and what’s my role is. Auth0 provides identity management for application builders so innovators can innovate. With Auth0 is simple to protect your API endpoints, manage your users, let them signup or login with one of the
social connections 
, etc. But simple things are very difficult to make, and identity management is no exception. Unlike many in-house teams, we have dedicated a disproportionate amount of resources to make things secure, easy to use, extensible and scalable for developers, and delightful for end users. It’s really easy, I promise! Just try one of our
, and let me know if you have any questions! Of course,
it’s free to try 
, we offer a generous
free plan 
(and great free open-source and discounted startup options!), and there’s a great community if you need help.

here. Have I mentioned that it's free?

My job is to make sure things work smoothly for our customers. When they reach out for support, our support team takes care of investigation, analysis, troubleshooting, and ultimately providing a solution. The vast majority of issues are relatively easy to resolve, however, if there’s a bug on our end, or if we experience some sort of an outage, it’s on the developer support team to coordinate a response and make sure a fix is in place.