Arlington: bike ride

Went for a quick bike ride last night. We moved to Arlington a couple of months ago, and still didn't have a chance to explore it. Well, better late than never.

Arlington, WA is a small town of about 19,000 residents. It's full of history: Kent Prairy was mentioned by the indigenous people as a notible place even before the colonization. And while it has grown quite a bit since then, it still has this small town feel; a feel of a community, history and local culture.

As many small towns do, Arlington has to walk this fine line between keeping its identity and unavoidable growth brought in part by the fact that it's a part of the Seattle metropolitain area. A huge Amazon distribution center is currently being built just south of Arlington municipal airport; multiple appartment complexes are also in the process of being built. This will change the city, but it feels like the authentic small town feel is something worth preserving.

P.S. I'm learning to type on my new Moonlander keyboard, and it's been tricky so far.

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