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Rosnovsky Park has been my personal blog since about 2003. It went through many iterations, changes, experiments, and reboots. Here's the latest and greatest I've got for you!

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Ori and the Heartbreak of Non-Gamers

I’ve been toying with this side project for a couple of months, and I’m pretty happy about how it’s been going so far.

5 min read
Web Development

Will we bounce back?

We’ll bounce back, scarred and battered, but stronger and more resilient.

3 min read
Web Development

How To Give a Shit

True values become evident in times of crisis.

3 min read


Running low on hand sanitizer? Here's how you can get some!

1 min read
Open Source

Do you want to build a service?

A quick announcement of a new educational and mental-health focused project. Join the team, it's fun!

4 min read

Two Thousand Tens

An overview of the past 10 years: where I came from, how it all went down the wire, and how I ended up where I am now.

6 min read

You don't have to follow a passion

Stop reducing people to two-dimensional single-passion beings

3 min read

New Job: Auth0

I started this year with a resolution, that I will upgrade my job, and will not compromise on anything in the process.

7 min read
Open Source

New OS, Who Dis: Going Linux after 15 years on Mac

A story of a hardcore Mac user of 15 years switching to Linux and loving it.

9 min read