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Rosnovsky Park has been my personal blog since about 2003. It went through many iterations, changes, experiments, and reboots. Here's the latest and greatest I've got for you!

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Wallace Falls Hike

Recently, I started hiking again with a goal to do an overnight hike in the North Cascades by the end of summer. Here's a bunch of photos from Wallace Falls trail.

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Sharing some helpful anti-racism resources. It's your "red pill": learn the truth, and after this, there is no turning back or choose a life of deliberate, aggressive ignorance.

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No Justice, No Peace

Seattle Protests against police brutality.

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Black Lives Matter

Silence is complicity.

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Web Development

Smart Reschedule: TypeScript?

A quick status update, and how I got distracted by TypeScript ♥️

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Developer Support Observations

I've been working as a Developer Support Engineer at Auth0 for the past six months. Here're a few things I learned along the way.

6 min read
Web Development

Todoist Smart Reschedule

Instead of looking for Todoist alternatives, I decided to implement my own Smart Reschedule feature, which they removed from the app not long ago.

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Web Development

Byteconf React 2020

Online-only conferences are going to be huge in the coming months and years. Here's one I enjoyed recently.

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