Auth0: 10 Years Later

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March 14, 2021 * Work

It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since I joined Auth0. It's time to do some reflection. Shall we?

I joined Auth0 in December 2019. A few months later the COVID pandemic started to take shape. Now, over a year later, I can say with confidence: it was no ordinary year. Confusion, uncertainty, adaptation to the new work paradigm, burnout, finding my routine, and just generally trying to fit this square "2020" peg into... well, into anything, really.

It's been a wild ride. As wild as it gets. Looking back to our occasional lunches (I wish we had had more of them!), our cozy corner of the office, light-hearted chats, massive all hands meetings... I miss it. A lot.

The shift towards all-remote work wasn't particularly difficult: I mean, we all have some remote work experience, and I have years and years of it. And we are lucky that we were able to work through the entire 2020 without skipping a bit. It took its toll, sure, and it was never easy mentally, but overall it could be much worse.

We had our U++ event last summer (not a replacement for a company offsite in Mexico, but still), Security++, Auth0 Unite, incidents, fantastic new features, painful teachable moments, and a lot of fun together yet apart.

Last year I posted some of my observation made on the job, and in all honesty, there's not much to add. Processes are critically important, keeping promises is key, working together we are unstoppable. There's no such thing as "difficult customers", and if you know something or learned something — share with the group! Aside from these remarks, I stand by my year-old observations.

This Monday marks a huge leap for me. On Monday I start my new role as Onboarding Engineer. New team, new responsibilities, significantly larger impact, noticeably more tasks and a lot of deeper work. Let's see what happens in the next six months. I'll keep you posted :)