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May 6, 2020 | Technology |

This site features some membership options. And even more stuff is in the works! Join now, it's free!

Some of you know that this blog has a membership feature. I'm not really using it yet, but it's set up and ready to roll!

Most posts in this blog are available publicly. However, there are a few things why you should still join the free tier.

Free tier helps us connect for real. I know why you are, and you know what's new in the blog as it happens. It's that easy. I do collect some information from my members, and it's fully disclosed here along with all the ways I use this data (spoiler: I collect very little data about you and only use it for the essential functionality of this blog).

How I collect your data

Eventually, some posts will be "For Members Only". My most personal and controversial stuff will be behind this free membership. Basically, it's becoming a more private conversation between you and me.

I've got a trove of ideas, and I'm working on some of them right now. I'll make videos, run live streams, live coding sessions, podcasts, happy hours, Q&As, call-in talk shows, live chat — all these things will be behind paid membership.

Paid memberships are safe, secure, and easy to cancel at any moment. I encourage you to consider joining the Free Tier and eventually upgrading. Your upgrades are the best indication of your interest, support, and the direction I'm taking.

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