Running low on hand sanitizer? Bloodworks Northwest got you covered! Inquire locally about toilet paper availability.

You also get juice, a bunch of cookies, and oh, you may also save a life or two. But let's keep it real. I mean, come on, people, it's free HAND SANITIZER!

* as many "pumps" as necessary, on-site use only

Exchanging bodily fluids for priceless hand sanitizing resource

Yes, YES, it's really as simple as it sounds.

But on a serious note, blood donation centers are running extremely low on blood now, especially in areas most hit by the virus. Please, if you are healthy and have a car, consider stopping by and giving blood. It's quick, painless, healthy and sterile. And have I mentioned FREE HAND SANITIZER?! :)

Yammy! Juice and snacks are good too.