You know what happens when you promise publicly to post more often? Yeah, exactly. Life happens, and you feel guilty that you’ve broken a promise. Then you get even busier, and even guiltier. Lemme break this circle real quick.

Moving forward
Where do I go from here?
I promised to post more often, yet here we are 🤷‍♂️

Job Hunt

I’m still neck deep in my latest job hunt, although I’m quite sure it’s very much a final stretch now. And boy is it different this time around! Not only did I change my whole strategy (I still maintain that it’s numbers game), but I have quite a bit of experience now, and feeling so much more confident. I breeze through on-sites (I deliberately select companies who are hiring practices align with what I think they should be), I have a ton of funwhiteboardingg stuff I know and like to do, I enjoy getting off-topic to share my excitement about nullish coalescing coming soon to JavaScript, or discuss pros and cons of Svelte’s approach to compiling JS code. Out of three recent on-site interviews, I’m really expecting at least one, but likely two job offers. One more interview is coming up later today, and I’m really excited about it!

Oh, if I do get an offer from this one companies I’ve interviewed with earlier this week, I’d have an awesome HR story for you. Fingers crossed! UPDATE: Just received a very helpful and actionable rejection from them. I’d probably still write this story down, just because it’s too good to bury.


We did some traveling earlier this month, hitting Vancouver, BC first, and Vancouver, WA later. Not getting into too much details here, but it was a time well spent, all things considered. Canada is gorgeous and friendly, Whistler is ok, and nightlife and food was great, as always.

Vancouver, WA is a bit of different story. I was born in Moscow, Russia, but for my new American life I consider Vancouver to be my hometown. This is where I grew up as an American, watched my Seattle Seahawks win their first Super Bowl (and lose their back-to-back Super Bowl attempt), this is where I met some amazing people, owned my first house, started and closed some of my business ventures, this is where I volunteered in the community. I know the place, I have so many favorite spots… Basically, it’s home. And whenever I come back, I feel like I’m coming home.

In these short 2+ years since my family moved up to Seattle area, Vancouver blossomed. It’s such a safe, calm and beautiful town, and you can see that it’s only getting better. I enjoyed our visit quite a lot, and was happy to see all the positive changes. Don’t get me wrong, some of the problems are still there, but overall I can clearly see progress. Oh, and I paid for my bus ride with Apple Pay you guys!

We had a chance to catch up with some of our dearest friends in Portland area, and it’s always such a treat. It’s not always easy to make friends in your 30s, but sometimes you just click with your people, no matter the age; we don’t agree on many things, but we share something that’s much greater than whatever differences we might have. And I’m so very happy to see them grow and succeed, and watch their kids grow up and mature in the most beautiful way! And yes, I miss them a lot; we only get to see each other a few times a year at best, and I always want to squeeze every bit of our togetherness I can!


As I quickly mentioned above, I got really fascinated with Svelte (both its concepts and actual practical usefulness). I experiment with Sapper, a Next.js-style framework, based on Svelte. I play with both of them, adding WebSockets to the mix, trying to figure out what I can actually do with all this new power I just discovered :) It’s so much fun! Oh, and I finally dig testing. I mean, really dig it. I enjoy writing tests a lot, I never thought I’d say this out loud!

I do some work on the side (the freelance kind). For the first time, I feel so very confident in the value I bring to my clients and partners, I can’t even. It’s amazing, and it’s just the way things are right now, I still can’t believe it :)

Social media

I’m still off mainstream social media. I do maintain my accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (I don’t want someone squatting my after I delete them), but I only go to Instagram to like my wife’s amazing pictures, and only go on Facebook every month to post podcast announcement and a reminder that I’m not checking anything there.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I do have some social accounts. I maintain my own Mastodon instance (ask for an invite if you want to join it for some reason!), I joined, and I can’t stress this enough: Pixelfed is the future of federated image sharing, it is the Instagram for the Fediverse, and it might as well be the way people share images in general in some distant future. The team behind it is absolutely amazing, do support them if you can.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I must be missing out on stuff that’s happening on FB or birdsite, but then I remember that I’m missing out on drama, negativity, sharing private bits of my life without my consent, use of my personality for others to profit off it, and so forth. So, I think I’m good for now. Yep.