A few months ago, I published a list of the best tech and dev podcasts. I’ve got so much feedback and so many excellent suggestions, that it’s time for a Community Update. I’ve also got very curious about Free and Open Source Software recently and I’ve included some of my newly favorite FOSS podcasts as well.

30 Best Tech and Dev Podcasts
I’ve been podcasting for 15+ years. Here’s my list of top 30 podcasts of all times... of 2019.

Also, I’ve switched to Linux recently (haven’t updated the post to reflect that I’ve moved to Manjaro already), so there’s a pretty significant bias towards Linux-related podcasts.

New OS, Who Dis: Going Linux after 15 years on Mac
A story of a hardcore Mac user of 15 years switching to Linux and loving it.

1. Command Line Heroes

Absolutely brilliant show by Red Hat. In the latest season they were going through programming languages: where they come from, how the evolve, and how some of them end up neglected and forgotten, while others thrive and gain more and more followers. Previous seasons are full of programming and open source history, and it’s now absolutely one of my favorite podcasts. As a side note, I know some people are not really thrilled about vendor podcasts, but this is not a show about Red Hat, it is a show by Red Hat.

Command Line Heroes iTunes | Command Line Heroes RSS

2. Darknet Dairies

Oh. My. God. This is such an excellent production, storytelling, and depth of subject knowledge, I can’t even. I look forward to every episode as if it was the next Stranger Things season. Absolutely incredible deep dives into hacking culture, famous and infamous hacks, and just amazing stories from the darkest corners of the internet and hacking underground. Breathtaking journeys unravel before your ears, from hacking XBoxes to ransomeware underground to IRS hacks, every episode is a true treasure and a timeless piece of internet history. Clearly, 10 out of 10.

Darknet Dairies iTunes | Darknet Dairies RSS

3. This Week In Linux

All the latest Linux GNews (?), from kernel updates, to apps and hardware. This is one of those fine sources of overall, general and also very specific FOSS and Linux community news, now part of Destination Linux Network This Week In Linux iTunes | This Week In Linux RSS

4. Ubuntu Podcast

A really nice and easy-going show, where a few people talk all things Ubuntu. The pace might feel slow, but it’s a part of the overall spirit of the show; usually, covers Ubuntu-related news, and broader Linux Kernel and FOSS topics.

Ubuntu Podcast iTunes | Ubuntu Podcast RSS

5. Going Linux

One of the helpful and friendly shows for those switching to Linux or contemplating their options. Distros, differences between Windows and Linux, how-tos and so forth. Regular community Q&A episodes where the hosts answer questions, so don’t hesitate to participate!

Going Linux iTunes | Going Linux RSS

6. IRL

Another “vendor” podcast on the list. This one comes from Mozilla, one of my favorite companies. Sure they had their fair share of missteps over the years, but IRL is certainly not one of them. Excellent production, great interviews, and overall I’m really impressed with how this show is becoming a source for programming history.

IRL iTunes | IRL RSS

7. Libre Lounge

This one is more an academic side of things, as in discussing protocols proposals, things that globally impact the ActivityPub in general and Fediverse and Mastodon in particular. A little dry at times, but at times it’s really a fun listen (especially when it comes to cool tools and such)

Libre Lounge iTunes | Libre Lounge RSS

8. Linux For Everyone

Forbes’ Jason Evangelho runs the show, and not only he makes sure it’s accurate, but he also makes it personal and entertaining. Mostly in-depth news, interviews, community updates and such. Now part of Destination Linux Network.

Linux For Everyone iTunes | Linux For Everyone RSS

To be honest, this list was much, much longer. It included all kinds of shows from Going Linux to Ladybug podcast and a couple dozens more. However, some of them dropped off my subscriptions, and the task of reviewing another 20+ shows was too daunting for me to touch this post for a month or so, so I will review them and post an updated sometime later.