In early 2006 I was considering starting a podcast. It, of course, needed a name. Living in Moscow, Russia, at the time, Rosnovsky Park (as in Gorky park) made perfect sense. I've diverted from this brand a few times, but it's so dear to my heart that I always come back.

Hi, I'm Art Rosnovsky. I'm a software engineer and web developer from Greater Seattle area, working mostly with JavaScript stack (JavaScript, React, Node). I solve problems, one line of code at a time.

More often than not, I'm invited by businesses of all sizes to come on board and deliver a product, per specs, within a few months. This is, basically, my specialty: I come in, solve problems, build projects, and deliver products, all on a tight schedule.

If you have a project for me, or have a problem you need solved, just email me at [email protected]